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03 October 2006 @ 09:41 pm
Evangeline Lilly Parade outtakes from janine83
Lost cast pics from Season 3 premiere party from txvoodoo

9 Evangeline Lilly icons by elvenblessed
6 Skate, 13 Kate, 9 Sawyer icons by the_world_of_me
10 Skate, 16 Kate, 7 Sawyer icons by colourfulgirl
14 Evangeline Lilly icons by isis2015
30 Evangeline Lilly icons by caffrey
4 Skate icons by momentaryxthing
5 Skate, 16 Kate, 4 Josh Holloway, 12 Evangeline Lilly icons by wecrash
16 Evangeline Lilly icons by sparkling_chan
1 Skate, 6 Kate, 2 Sawyer icons by loverunway
6 Evangeline Lilly icons by rock_fairy

Music Vids
2 Skate music vids by momentaryxthing

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Evangeline Lilly on Leno & Kimmel video clips from txvoodoo

Editor's Note:
skater_news will be going on hiatus for a few weeks while I go on vacation to celebrate my birthday.
Please help me out by commenting to this post with any links you think I should include in Issue 38.
Comments will be screened, so there's no need to feel embarrassed about pimping yourself out. ;)

Thank you to all the readers and especially to all the talented fic writers, graphic makers, vidders, and, of course, those wonderful folks who post all the pretty pictures!
Happy Season 3, everyone! :)